Experimental typography in graphic design

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Here at Pink we love, love, love typography! Not only is it a pretty cool way to spruce up your marketing materials, but selecting the right typeface can speak volumes about your brand. When it comes to typography, designers have explored all sorts of creative avenues in order to create typefaces that break the traditional conventions of typographic communication. So we thought we would share some of these typographic experiments with you for your inspiration!

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Exhibitor Smarts

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Exhibitor Smarts is the new brainchild of exhibitor guru, Jim Curry. It aims to help exhibition organisers improve their communication and service and in turn make exhibitions more efficient, profitable and the preferred exhibition within their individual industry sectors.

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Creative inspiration is on your doorstep

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Inspiration – it’s a tricky fellow. Some days it’s there in abundance, helping you produce the finest piece of design the world has ever seen. Other days it’s packed it’s bags, left town and decided to hideaway in a small cave in the Gobi desert.

That’s why we decided to dedicate this blog to finding inspiration. And when we mean find we’re not talking about sitting on your bum and creating a mood board on Pinterest. No, people, it’s time to slip on your comfy shoes and get walking, because creative inspiration is right through that door over there.

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Get colour coded – colour semiotics

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Colour semiotics? It’s a fancy phrase, but what does it actually mean? Well, we’re talking about how a colour can express coded information that evokes emotions in the person who has seen it. Something that can be used with great effect in design to project certain values and create brand loyalty.

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5 ways to use Pantone’s colour of the year

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Pantone’s colour of the year 2014 is Radiant Orchid. Fuchsia, purple and pink undertones work in ‘captivating harmony’ to create what Pantone describe as an ‘expressive and creative’ purple, which ‘blooms with confidence and magical warmth’.

Whilst my practical (ok cynical) brain winces at the thought of discussing fluffy nonsensical descriptions of colour, I have to agree that Radiant Orchid is a beaut. And looking through our product range I found 5 ingenious ways to use it in your home.

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