The Branding Hero Part 2: Dress for success

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It’s now time to start thinking about your personal image and how it reflects your brand. It’s going to be you handing out your beautiful business cards and talking about your business so it’s important you display your brand values and look, as us designers might say, “on brand”. With this in mind, we hand over to Lizzie Edwards, Personal Stylist and Image Consultant, with some top tips on the first stage of updating your personal image.


Out with the old, in with the new’ they say, and I feel January is a great time to think about clearing out and starting afresh in many areas of life. However, one area that often gets neglected, but which I feel is a great place to start, is the wardrobe.

Wardrobes are easy to forget, especially when no one sees them but you. Just because it remains hidden from view doesn’t mean it can’t be lovely and inviting.

You visit your wardrobe at least once a day to put together an outfit that will represent you to everyone you’ll meet that day. Is your wardrobe supporting your efforts, or is it uninspiring, disorganized and cluttered? If it is not in great shape you will often not be able to find items you are looking for, and its too easy to get stuck in a rut wearing the same things again and again, as you forget what you have!

Now is a great time to do it, and then you will be ready when its time to buy some new pieces and update your spring wardrobe, so I encourage you to take stock now. Won’t getting dressed in the morning be that much more pleasant if you do?

Start to de-clutter by removing all dry cleaning plastic bags and the awful metal hangers that come with them. They are not good for clothes, so take them off the minute you get the item home. The purpose of your wardrobe is to hold your clothes so anything that doesn’t relate to getting dressed needs to find a different home! It is not a place to store skis, old clothes, or other people’s belongings: out with the excess baggage! Never worn clothes need to be removed to the charity shop, ebay or the loft.

Next get rid of the mis-matched hangers. Settle on one hanger style that suits your space, and will look good. Most people lack space, so I encourage you to invest in some slim style velvet hangers. There are suppliers on Amazon and Ebay, and they are sometimes available in stores such as Primark and TK Maxx.

Keep everything openly displayed as much as possible. Jumpers, jeans and t-shirts can be folded neatly on open shelves, but it’s even better if you can hang them. You’ll wear more of your accessories if they’re on display. Shop for a jewellery stand or add hooks to the wall to hold necklaces and scarves. When you open your wardrobe and see all possibilities, getting dressed is much easier and you will wear more of what you have.

Now that some new life and energy has been brought into your wardrobe, do you need some new items? The new season stock is coming in so now is the time to think ahead about what you need for your wardrobe this year. Think about how you spend your week, and check that your wardrobe reflects it. You may be working more, or less, and your wardrobe needs to change too.

And if you need some help with these and even more ideas for helping you create ease in your personal style and wardrobe, I’ll help you look and feel fabulous in 2014.
About Lizzie

Lizzie Edwards is a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant, who set up set up her Style Consultancy services in 2005 with a desire to help people look great, feel great and make the best of themselves and their image.

She works 1-1 with both men and women who want to maximize their style, image and personal brand, and also within companies to help maximize the image potential of their employees, either 1-1 or in groups.

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