Five things you might not know about Pink

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You probably know that we offer memorable branding and innovative design but did you know that we can also…

1. Develop insightful marketing and communication strategies

From ‘what’ to say and ‘how’ to say it right through to informed and intelligent ideas about where to reach, engage and interact with your customers, we can work with you as a partner in your marketing planning.


2. Organise perfectly executed promotional planning and implementation

We can handle all of your promotional planning and manage the individual projects this encompasses. This would involve us planning in detail exactly how and when you promote yourself so all of your different promotional activities work with each other to deliver the greatest impact. Also, our account managers would be the ones who worked with partners and suppliers to ensure all of your activities were implemented on time, in budget and really engaged with your audiences.


3. Design user friendly responsive web apps

We have recently developed a greater understanding of web apps and become pretty ace at designing them. We’ve also conducted a lot of research into the aspects of user experience that will make a user fall in love with it, so we can guarantee your app will be a delight to use.


4. Produce awesome illustrations that can be applied in even more awesome ways

Often illustration can be overlooked but for some projects it can really give the work an extra edge. Our illustrators delight in taking on out there, crazy ideas and bring them to life. These illustrations can then be used across all your branded materials as well as being used at larger scales, the bellow examples show two recent wall graphics we have produced.



5. Design, develop, implement and monitor dazzling email marketing campaigns that get opened

Around 80 per cent of html emails go unread – not the ones we send! We have developed an expertise in all things email marketing and are proud of our ability to get emails opened and click through rates up!


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