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April 17, 2014 | Design, Freebies, Social Media | 4 Comments

Ever had that feeling? You’ve spent loads of time getting your website sorted. Or writing a great blog post. Or putting together a content-packed eshot then this: you can’t find the right social media icons to go with it. Wrong colour. Wrong size. Wrong shape. So frustrating.

Stop searching. Because the team at Pink has put together nine sets – yes, nine sets – of social media icons for you. And you’re really spoilt for choice. There’s everything from traditional bevelled icons and modern flat icons right through to hand drawn, stitched and fancy icons.

As our present to you, we’re even including the original artwork files. Now there’s no excuse not to be social!

So, what can you download?

9 different styles

Each set we’ve created has their own personality because, let’s face it, no one wants to see the same social media icons everywhere.


Different shapes and sizes

For those of you that don’t have access to the right software we have reshaped, resized and generally remodelled the icons into a range of different sizes to suit any situation you choose to throw them at. And for all of the Adobe whizzes out there we have also included the open artwork files so you can customise to your heart’s content.


All of these icons are absolutely FREE to use for personal and commercial projects, we just have one small favour to ask… that you don’t redistribute them as your own work. And if you are including them in a post on your site we always appreciate a big, friendly shout out!

We’re sure you don’t need any more convincing, but for those of you that need cold, hard proof you can download the flat ones right now. If you like the quality of our merchandise then the other 8 sets can be revealed with a share on your social media platform of choice via the pink box below.


  • Tanner says:

    .EPS files aren’t compatible with Illustrator CS6.

  • Kat says:

    Thanks for the free downloads! Is there any way you could post an EPS file that can be opened by something other than Illustrator CC? I’m still on CS6. Thanks!

    • Jasper Pye says:

      Hi Kat and Tanner,

      Firstly, thanks for downloading our icons and taking the time to comment! We will look to post a backwards compatible EPS in the future. As a work around in the meantime I would suggest that you create a new InDesign document and place the .eps file into it, you can then PDF it and drag the PDF into Illustrator and save your own editable EPS version.

      I hope this helps.


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