How to get over a creative block

October 28, 2013 | Insights | No Comments
How to get over creative block

Everyone suffers a bit of creative block occasionally. Even the greatest artists and novelists have felt despair at a temporary lack of productivity. Check out our tips for getting past your block:

1. Seek out a change of scenery
Take a walk, grab a coffee or even take your laptop to the park. It’s certainly true that change is as good as a break.

2. Hunt out inspiration
We all need a bit of inspiration from time to time. Even the most creative of us can’t work solely from our own brains and memories all the time. If you need think ‘nature’, head to a country park or the beach. If you need to be thinking ‘urban’, take an hour out to people watch in a busy city café or go for a bike ride around your neighbourhood.

3. Rest and relaxation
A tired brain is an ineffective one. Just like muscles, your brain needs an opportunity to rest and recuperate. Go home and take a bath or just sleep on it.

4. Ask for help
It’s sometimes useful to accept that there may be someone out there who can do it better than you. People with the necessary skills and expertise, perhaps from a graphic design agency or web design agency may be able think outside the box for you.

5. Look to your staff
Maybe a member of your staff has been harbouring a great skill in design which needs nurturing. Perhaps it’s worth seeking out staff with graphic design or web design experience who can complement your business, or giving a current staff member some extra training.

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