A fresh and fun way of working

First and foremost, what Pink is known for is its passion. We really do love what we do and are devoted to making sure you love it too. So if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. Full stop.

We also believe great creative work is born out of strong relationships with clients. That means all of our projects are truly collaborative and enjoyable experiences. Life is just too short for dull, ineffective meetings.

And if that wasn’t enough, the maraschino cherry on the top is that we pride ourselves on reacting and adapting to our clients’ needs. To tell the truth, we often know them before they do.

The Pink ‘4P’ method



For us, meticulous research is the foundation from which we achieve exceptional results. So with your business, we will invest lots of hours getting to know you, your work, your brief and your customers. It’s time that’s always well spent in the long run.



With solid research behind us, we then begin to work with you to discover the strategy and services that will work best for you at the present time. Getting the right mix is absolutely vital, because what will help you tickle your customers’ tastebuds on one day may be quite different on another.



From our carefully considered strategy, we create and apply stunning creative work that cuts through the noise of your competitors and makes your audience react how you want them to. For us, this is all about looking tempting and packing a memorable punch at the same time.



Now with the research, strategy and creative work all working together, we observe the effectiveness of all of our choices. Consistently, these carefully crafted ingredients achieve great results. But that’s not to say we don’t learn from what we produce and continue to tweak recipes for our clients so they become even more effective.

Who we’ve helped

"A joy to work with, Pink’s creativity and professionalism have made this an inspiring and easy process."

− Laura Thomson, Phenomenal Training

"The Pink Group’s enthusiasm and knowledge, plus an excellent grasp of our brief, made this potentially tricky project a dream."

− Elaine Banham, University of Arts London

"The outstanding quality and the brilliant creativity of their design work puts Pink head and shoulders above their competitors."

− Natasha Anscombe, Formula Purchasing Ltd

"Quality, efficiency, value for money... Sorry my thesaurus ran out of words to describe how awesome Pink are!"

− Anon, client satisfaction survey