An ongoing service that meets Crystal’s marketing and communications needs as they grow.

Projects over the past seven years have included repositioning the company’s service offer and marketing this effectively.

We’ve just finished the redesign of their new website, which launched in October 2013.

The initial chat

Crystal Interactive is a clever event technology company that uses all manner of tech wizardry to make conferences, meetings and other events effective and fun. When we first met them back in 2006, they were looking to develop a relationship with a creative agency that could support them as they grew.

One of the big things they talked about was having an agency that was proactive. Someone who would push them and innovate to get them to think differently and keep their brand, website and marketing materials always fresh and current.

That agency is us. We told Crystal from outset that we wouldn’t be shy with our ideas. I think they’d agree that we haven’t failed to deliver on that promise.

How we delighted

Over our seven-year relationship with Crystal, we have carried out a whopping 272 projects for them, the most important being two rebranding exercises and the repositioning of their offer.

We have moved them away from the jargon-filled language and predictable images of their competitors and injected lots of energy into their brand as well as promoting them as experts in their field. All of the copy used in their communications is now to the point and accessible, while their visuals pack a punch through the use of fresh and bright images.

For some hard evidence of this, head over to their new website. Launched in October 2013, it’s the second website we’ve produced for the company and as Dom, the Operations Director of Crystal, says, ‘Its full of vastly improved content, features, responsive layouts and carefully crafted design.’











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The facts and figures

% increase in annual turnover since 2006
% increase in website visitors
% increase in average browsing time
year relationship
fun-filled projects
requests for Victoria to lower her voice

What Crystal learnt

That Pink can function as an internal team working externally. Whatever the project is, whatever their needs are, they know they are in safe hands with us. We will deliver on all branding, marketing and design fronts.

What we learnt

That long relationships with clients can be a beautiful thing. Pink and Crystal continue to learn from each other and grow together, and the work we’re producing for the company now is the best we’ve ever produced.

"Pink are fantastic to work with. They’re creative, obsessed with detail and fun
– all the characteristics you’d want from an agency that delivers the results you want."

− Meeta Tailor, Marketing Director at Crystal Interactive