Conducting extensive market research and producing a comprehensive market strategy to target the right audiences, in the right way, at the right time.

Branding, advertising and marketing materials that are helping The London Helicopter to stand out against its rivals.

Creating strong marketing campaigns which will drive sales and awareness.

The initial chat

The London Helicopter (TLH) wanted a full-service marketing agency to create a greater buzz around their helicopter tours, raise the profile of the company and secure more bookings.

In particular, they wanted to increase their number of bookings, as well as encourage people to choose the The London Helicopter as a ‘once in a lifetime experience’, whether visiting London on holiday or just as looking for something different to do.

This led to us exploring with TLH’s internal structure, how it operates, who its competitors are, and its main challenges going forward. By carrying out this comprehensive assessment, we were able to quickly identify its current position in the market, areas for business growth and key objectives.

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How we delighted

Market research has been key to this project. We’ve really helped TLH to identify the customer groups they need to target and how best to do this. This has led to us creating messaging for TLH that really positions its flights as a unique London experience.

Not only is TLH the only helicopter company to operate flights from a London location, they also offer the ability to book online using a real time scheduled booking service, all at the touch of a button – that’s what sets it apart from the competition!

To date, our research has resulted in us creating a range of branding, press advertising, marketing materials and promotional campaigns that really target TLH’s key audiences. In turn, these help forge partnerships through featuring tailored copy that really cements TLH as the most exciting way to experience the amazing sights the city has to offer.

More importantly, in a bid to raise the company’s profile, we have also worked hard to identify and secure suitable national and international campaigns that help TLH reach mass audiences and have built growing awareness for the brand.






The facts and figures

passengers in the first year
flights in the first year
additional names added to the database through campaigns
national “Lovestruck” Valentine’s campaign

"Working with Pink is serious fun and delivers serious results!"

− Chris Mann, Owner of The London Helicopter