“If Plan A doesn’t work, don’t worry. The alphabet has 25 more letters!”

Verity Jennings

Account Executive

With an MA in Marketing and Brand Management under her belt, and a diploma in Digital Marketing on the horizon, Verity is our bright young thing bursting with energy and new ideas.

To say Miss Jennings has hit the ground running at Pink would be a total understatement. Since she joined the team in October 2014, this girl has been like the marketing equivalent of Usain Bolt on roller skates (super fast and super cool).

Outside of work, Verity is equally enthusiastic about everything she does, but especially travel and pug dogs. Already, her adventures have included hiking in the Amazon rainforest, studying geysers and glaciers in Iceland, driving across the USA and sailing around the Mediterranean.

While her love for the small canine with the big eyes and the questionable face has resulted in a fine collection of pug paraphernalia. This includes socks, pillows and even some flying pug fairy lights. Well, we did she say she’s enthusiastic about everything she does.

Verity Jennings - The Pink Group

Vital Statistics

  • Pugs


  • Digital marketing


  • Internet shopaholic


  • Tomatoes


  • Planning ahead


  • Exploring new places


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