The Wandle Warriors: mud, sweat and cheers

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You might remember that last December we asked you to vote for a charity you wanted us to support in 2015. Well, we’re delighted to say that after all the votes were counted, the winner was The Wandle Trust, an environmental charity dedicated to restoring and maintaining the health of the River Wandle.

A load of rubbish
So on Sunday 8 February, the Pinkies pulled on their brightly coloured wellies and headed to a muddy riverbank in SW19. There, after a briefing from Polly, the clean-up event manager, the majority of the team armed themselves with gloves, bin bags and rubbish pickers and formed a kick-ass ‘litter squad’.

However, dry land was certainly not on the agenda for our intrepid Caragh or Spencer. Oh no, quick as a flash these adventurers got their mitts on some rather fetching waders and plunged straight into the river, ready to tackle whatever rubbish was lurking on the riverbed.

photo (44)


Batman and Robin
Unsurprisingly, and somewhat sadly, what we discovered over the course of the day was that the riverbed and the riverbank did contain a lot of rubbish that had been recklessly thrown away. Our main findings including a scooter, a shopping trolley, two tricycles, a fire extinguisher, a pushchair, a wire fence, a car seat, a bed frame, countless clothing items and shoes, a never-ending trail of baby wipes, three balls and, in true Generation Game style, a cuddly toy.

Jasper and Mattia also managed to find a huge rug that man nor beast was going to stop them from removing. After furiously digging up loads of earth to reveal the rug, they then used a grapple and ropes (imagine Batman and Robin as eco-warriors) to hoist it out of the squelching mud and up the riverbank.

2015-02-08 14.36.47
2015-02-08 14.25.28


A fantastic day
This was just one of many highs on a really rewarding day for the Pink team. It felt great to clean up the river and the surrounding environment and make them both much more pleasant to look at. It was also fantastic to spend some quality time together outside of the office. And it was especially good seeing Sarah and Spencer take a tumble in the mud and watch Victoria slip and slide here, there and everywhere.

photo (43)


Have we inspired you to get involved with the River Wandle cleanup? If so, they hold cleanups every second Sunday of the month and you can visit The Wandle Trust website for more details.

Thank you to everyone who voted in our charity of the year poll, The Wandle Trust and all of the volunteers at the River Wandle. We really did have a fun and rewarding day in February. See you all again soon.

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