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January 13, 2014 | Branding, Freebies, Social Media | 98 Comments
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You know the situation. You’ve got a new logo or image you want to use across all your social media, and that means spending the next hour Googling what size the image needs to be, how big the file can be and how many different options you need. As a super-busy creative agency ourselves, we know how frustrating and time consuming that is!

Well now you can use that hour to sit back and relax as we’ve done all the hard work for you, and put together an awesome social media cheat sheet for you to download.

With our cheat sheet, you won’t need to pay your branding agency to get on the case, because you’ll have everything you need to brand your own pages across all your social media channels.

It’s free to download and all we ask is that you share the love using the pink box below.

(Updated to include the 2014 Twitter profile layout)

Twitter cheat sheet
Facebook cheat sheet
Google Plus cheat sheet

Twitter is great for having conversations with your customers; make it an awesome experience by branding your background, header image and profile picture.

Sometimes it can seem like everyone in the world is on Facebook so it’s important your brand presence here is spot on. Make sure your profile picture and cover photo upload perfectly by following our guide. On Facebook you have more of an opportunity to share stories, whether that be a longer chunk of text or an album of photos, we’ve got those covered too.

Google Plus
Google+ is great for SEO and can really drive traffic to your site. To make sure people want to engage with you it’s worth taking the time to brand your page. To do this you will need to update your profile photo and cover photo at the sizes shown in our guide.

LinkedIn cheat sheet
Instagram cheat sheet
Pinterest cheat sheet

LinkedIn is the place to share you company’s story, news, services, products and advertise jobs. In order to entice new clients, customers and talent it’s important that your message and brand get through, follow our guide to set up a winning page. It’s a much more text driven site so make sure your cover photo really impacts and follow through making sure what your saying really shows off your company.

Instagram gives followers a visual real time snippet of what the brand is up to, giving your brand exposure in a creative way. The app does most of the hard work resizing images for you but to get your logo looking sharp we suggest following our guide to get the size spot on. You can also design images (or adverts) to be posted at this size.

Pinterest is great for business where images really sell their services, if this is the case it’s important you get those images right so resize them to the specification we suggest and they will look perfect!

YouTube cheat sheet
Vimeo cheat sheet
Slideshare cheat sheet

YouTube is great for customer engagement and SEO, but getting your brand identity on your channel can be tricky as it resizes automatically for desktop, tablet and mobile. Fear not our guide makes it really easy.

Videos posted on Vimeo tend to feel more professional than on YouTube, a bit like content posted on LinkedIn vs Facebook, and can be great for building a community around your brand. Vimeo is mainly used by creative professionals so it’s important that your page looks perfect, make sure your uploading your videos at the right sizes using our guide.

Slideshare is often referred to as the YouTube of PowerPoint’s and is great for sharing your presentations, documents and infographics and integrating them with LinkedIn and Facebook. You have to pay to brand your page but if you are going to be sharing a lot of slides and gaining followers it will be well worth it.

With our cheat sheet you will have all you need to brand all your pages across all your social media channels. It’s free to download all we ask is that you share the love using the pink box below!


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