The Branding Hero Part 3: The Power of a Rebrand

January 31, 2014 | Branding, The Branding Hero | No Comments

It’s been a long January, but we’ve made it, and what better way to end the month than to welcome The Branding Hero for a final time this month. We’ve already looked at your goals and your personal styling, now it’s time for us to look at your brand. Is it time for a makeover?

What is a brand?

Well, for a start it’s more than your logo. A brand refers to that warm fuzzy feeling people get when they interact with your company, whether that’s online, offline, or face to face. It’s the colours you use, the service you give, and the reputation your have. Branding is not what you sell: it’s who you are.

Here’s an example. Picture yourself going out to eat at your favourite restaurant. It’s not just about the food. It’s the anticipation you feel before you arrive at the venue; it’s how you’re greeted and the service you receive; it’s the ambience; the other diners; and that full and happy feeling you get when you leave the restaurant feeling stuffed. All these amazing ingredients contribute to the brand of the restaurant.

So let’s look at your business.

You want it to be talked about and to stand out from the crowd. So think about a great product you’ve used before and then recommended to your friend. Thought of one? What about that brand made it so good you wanted to recommend it? Now replace that product with your business and think about how amazing it would feel if your company could engage with your audience in the same way.

And here’s the exciting news. A strong brand can help you do that. Yay.

A successful brand can help you communicate your values and build a strong relationship with your customers. And when your customers are happy with you, they’ll tell their friends. That’s the good bit.

So, the questions is: is your brand doing the business? Is 2014 the time for a makeover?

Six reasons your company may need a rebrand

• Your values are not being clearly communicated
• Your company’s image doesn’t reflect the services you provide
• There’s no consistency in any of your marketing messages
• Your logo has no meaning, it’s unoriginal or looks similar to a competitor
• There’s no reflection of the people behind the company
• Your company doesn’t stand out from the crowd
• Your branding looks and feels outdated

Case Study: Burberry
Case study

A great example of successful rebranding is the Burberry turnaround. Originally founded in England over a hundred years ago, Burberry’s trademark pattern did not always have the reputation it has today. In the 90s, the trademark pattern was overused, considered as overkill and was popular amongst hooligans. The brand was deemed as ‘gangwear’, and by this time, the brand’s image needed a huge makeover.

Eventually, in 2001, things took a turn for the better, as new creative director Christopher Bailey re-examined the brand and decided to introduce a mixture of modern and classic looks. The then ‘drab’ image was transformed and endorsed by celebrities such as Kate Moss and Emma Watson. The rebrand really boosted sales by 27%, and allowed Burberry to grow as a brand by embracing its heritage and also keeping up with current trends.

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