Top 10 Gifts for Designers

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Be it on-trend, vintage, bold, or quirky, one thing to know about designers is that we like to be different from the average person. It could be a piece of jewellery, or a new gadget that no one else has; it must however though be original and unlike any other. What we own is sometimes a reflection of our characters, because yes, we are unlike any other, and we are awesome!



The whole concept of how this works is really exciting. For those who are annoyed at only receiving bills in the post, this company was created to spice up your life. Either choosing a person to send gifts to, or whether it is just for yourself, the idea is to subscribe and each month, either you or your friend/loved one will receive a surprise. From £18 a month, this is truly an innovative and exciting present to look forward to.

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2. Pantone Mugs


A firm favourite at Pink Towers, these bold coloured mugs are a great gift for any designer if you’re on a budget. They range from around £8-20, and will surely be a treasured gift by any designer.

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3. The Magma Sketchbook


You really cannot go wrong with this. Steering away from the typical Moleskin, the pages inside are varied between plain and grid-like paper styles, and the back pages also include some useful information that designers would put into use everday. It is probably one real necessity for any designer and it is compact enough to travel around with. They have been around for a while, and even though graphics tablets might be taking over, designers still appreciate the art of sketching and going back to basics.

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4. Nescafe Coffee Machine


Most designers sit at their desk for hours on end, and during all nighters, the amount of coffee consumed, is on another level! With that being said, a coffee machine would be ideal. Designers don’t have time to faff around and wait for their coffee to brew, they need something easy and fast to use. This present will definitely earn you some brownie points. Price: from £90

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5. Personalised Steak Branding Iron


A perfect combination of type-setting and food! This is genius and so personalised that any designer would have fun branding their own steak.Visit for a number of quirky and fun gift ideas. Price: £25.95

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6. Wall Sticker


This particular wall sticker is so spot on! Mr-Cup has a number of different potential gifts that any designer will fall in love with, definitely worth checking out. Above wall sticker: £74.30 (€89.00)

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7. The Q camera


These cameras are incredible and so much fun! You can instantly share your photos across social networks such as instagram, facebook and twitter. Via 3G connection, you can snap away and not worry about running out of space, and when in turn you are out of range, there is a 2 gig storage space for your images. Taking pics has become so easy; there are just 2 buttons to choose from whether you’d like to use flash or not. Also, the LED flash is in built so as to create better quality photos. To top it off, the Q camera is waterproof! Price: from £123 ($200)

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8. Photojojo iPhone and Android Lens Series


How awesome is this? Camera lenses for our phones? Yes please! Lets face it…we’ve given up on carrying around and trying to juggle our massive SLR’s. Most of us have resorted to using our phone because camera quality is pretty good, and because it’s just easier to use. These lenses are a perfect addition to making any designer’s life easier. Price for 4 lenses: £30 ($49)

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9. Walnut Studiolo 4 Pack Carrying Case


What better way to start the weekend? This creative leather beer carrying case will make any designer grin. It carries up to 4 22oz bottles and gives anyone the incentive to get out of the office and enjoy a couple of beers with some friends. Price on sale: £37 ($60)

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10. A Holiday in the Caribbean

For the special designer in your life…and if you’re willing to splurge a bit; every designer would love a break from their screens and be able to enjoy and experience something new. Even just the thought of relaxing and regaining their energy would be a great way for them to return back to work in full swing. There are loads of ways go about this. From a day at the spa, to a cruise around the Caribbean islands, you really cannot go wrong here.

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