The Branding Hero Part 1: How to achieve your goals

At Pink we love branding, every little bit of it, and this month we wanted it to be the hero of our blog. At this time of year everyone is thinking about what they can do to make themselves better. So we thought why not also take this time to think about how to make your brands better, whether that’s your personal brand or your business’s brand.

In 2014 we think people will be one of the most important parts of branding. Once you have stunning visuals and a spot on set of brand guidelines, it’s important that the brand you have created is brought to life by the people behind it. These people will bring meaning and personality to the design aspects creating a delightful experience. Sounds a bit daunting doesn’t it? Fear not, we’ve got some of our friends to guest blog for us explain simple steps you can take to improve your brand.

Kicking off is Jo James from Amber Life on how to get going with these changes and ambitions for a new you…


The feeling of the New Year always brings excitement and questions doesn’t it. Excitement about new ventures, new collaborations, new goals and new directions for you and your business.

Questions such as ‘What do you really want to see happen this year?’ and ‘What are you going to do differently to get better results this year?’

Instead of stating half-hearted resolutions that usually don’t work, instead look to see what small changes you can make to improve on your successes from last year. You don’t have to start all over again! Just improve on what you did last year. Unless your business does need a radical overhaul!

For 2014 to help you grow your business “Repeat what works, tweak what’s not or ditch it!”
Take time to work out where your successes came from last year so you can repeat what worked well. Was it the fact you have found your niche and your marketing is working smarter for you? Did you find a great networking group and enjoyed some new collaborations? Did you attend more client meetings that converted to more sales? Did you connect more and share your expertise online? The list can go on! So notice what did work for you in 2013 as you’ve already developed some great skills to help your business grow in 2014.

Look around you now, does your work space need a tidy up?
Your environment plays a key role in your success. De-clutter your space and free your mind. Throw away things you’ve not touched for months and enjoy how much lighter you feel. Now is a great time to do this and your ideas will flow and you’ll feel more in control and ready for the year ahead.

Now, what small changes do you need to make this year to help you achieve even more in 2014?
Small changes can create big results. Don’t be fooled by thinking you have to make big hairy goals! You have to create good habits and have good systems in place. Sexy systems as I call them! Ok, so systems aren’t particularly sexy, but when you have good systems that work for you, you can get more things done and have more time to yourself, which is sexy! So, maybe your systems need to change to help you this year. What changes can you implement to put more structure into your business?

Do you need to free up more of your time by outsourcing or hiring a VA? Do you have an effective lead generating and sales system in place? What new skills do you need to develop in 2014?

You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it, so what are you saying to yourself?
You can change how you feel by changing what you think. Make it this year that you start to think differently to get the results you want. Change that inner voice if it’s criticising you or putting you down. After all you wouldn’t keep your friends if they kept nagging you or said you weren’t good enough every day would you? No I didn’t think so! So, be more encouraging to yourself, talk to yourself just as your friend or coach would. Be more supportive of yourself. Look after yourself more. Starting with that inner voice of yours. How would you sound if you were kind to yourself? Wouldn’t that be a better way to feel in 2014?

Decide what you want to see happen in 2014 and take steps every day and you will get there.
Just as your designs take time and attention to create, take time and put your attention in taking small steps every day. I recommend my clients have Power Hours. A power hour is a pocket of time you put in your diary to make sure you are working on your business, not just in it. Follow up with people in your network, call a client you serviced three, six months or even twelve months ago, they will be delighted to hear from you. Write a blog and share it with your network. Connect more. As you get busier with client projects remember to have a Power Hour a day, for you. Your business will thank you for it ☺ Quotemark2

To your success and happiness,

Jo James
Jo James
Business Coach and Sales Trainer
Propelling women to earn six-figures and beyond and importantly to feel good along the way. For more advice and free top tips to help you grow your business and feel good, sign up to her award winning newsletter, Make Your Mondays Matter and see better results in 2014.

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